We understand that each learner is at a different stage with diverse needs. DTP Academy's programs cater to the modern, discerning student and are customized to suit a variety of ages and levels, from children to adults.


Our Communication English Program mainly focuses on Listening-Speaking skills and natural language in communication, with lessons about familiar topics.


Certificates provide solid evidences for your own abilities and your efforts in self-development

About Us


Focus on 21st-century learning method, DTP Academy classrooms are designed and equiped with modern audio-visual and interactive technologies, which provides the most convenient environment for learners to participate both in team-work and individual activities


DTP Academy is proud of creating a team with 100% native English-speaking teachers with high education and pedagogy. Professional training courses for teachers are organized regularly to ensure our teaching methods are up to date with the culture, social trends, and psychology of students.


TEACHER - Michael grew up in the US, where he studied literature and classics. Since then, he has taught, trained, and studied in several countries, including Kenya, Italy, Thailand, Cambodia, and now Vietnam. Michael loves teaching English and tries to develop confidence in his students so they can feel comfortable using the language in new ways. He also has a special interest in helping students integrate metaphor and idiomatic speech into their language use, so that they have the tools to speak like a native speaker. When not teaching, he enjoys reading, drinking coffee, traveling, and photography. He also enjoys classical music and opera, and is very happy to be living in a city with such a beautiful opera house


ACADEMIC MANAGER - Henry Fenton is the Academic manager of DTP Academy. With more than 9 years of teaching and managing Academic teams in some of the leading English centers in Vietnam, such as ILA, ACET, and Apollo, Henry not only possesses substantial English teaching and training experience for all types of program, but also directly coaches native English-speaking teachers and managers to help develop pedagogical skills and professional knowledge. With a dedicated team of qualified, experienced native English-speaking teachers and well-trained staff in DTP Academy, Henry Fenton has been relentlessly striving to provide Vietnamese students with a modern, high quality and efficient English learning environment that help them progress and achieve their desired goals.


TEACHER - Sonya works as a teacher, teacher trainer and materials developer at DTP and has over five years’ experience working as an ESL teacher.  She believes that bringing fun into the classroom is the essential key to successful Engish learning and that technology plays an integral role in assisting with this.  During her free time Sonya enjoys cooking, creating art and going on exciting adventures with her son.


TEACHER – Mark is English and brings over 9 years of language teaching experience to DTP Academy. He holds a Diploma of TESOL and is completing his CELTA. Mark has broad experience with young learners through to adults and believes that developing life skills is a very important aspect of the English language learning process.


TEACHER – Steve is a passionate ELT and IELTS educator who graduated from Monash University in Australia with a Master in Applied Linguistics. Drawing on over 9 years of teaching and training at Vietnamese universities, international schools, public schools and language centres, Steve is dedicated to bringing the best possible education to Vietnamese students.


HEADMASTER - Mr. Grant Trew comes from Canada with 25 years experiences in EFL (English as Foreign Language), author - chief editor of many course books published in England, Middle East countries, Southeast Asian and Japan.