Certificates provide solid evidences for your own abilities and your efforts in self-development

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Program overview

Certificates provide solid evidences for your own abilities and your efforts in self-development. Let DTP Academy help you to achieve the best results conquering those international English examinations.

IELTS and TOEIC Preparation courses are designed to focus on test-taking strategies and skills, which help students become more familiar with test structures. We are confident that our learners are able to get the expected results if they follow our program.




100% native English-speaking teachers
with enthusiasm for teaching and correcting pronunciation habits.


Focus on tactical strategies, academic skills, and periodic testing.
Facilitate student understanding and mastery of IELTS test structures and build their confidence to undertake an official IELTS examination.


Individualized pathways for individual learners.
Students are provided with a customised training program and our commitment to ensure they achieve their objectives in alignment with their learning ability.

Program structure


Each lesson is designed to focus on a particular skill which is themed around frequently occurring exam topics. This will help learners build up their bank of vocabulary and structures related to the key topics.


Lessons focus on the exam strategies and skills that help learners complete the tests effectively and efficiently.


Various simulation tests included in the syllabus help reinforce learners’ knowledge and familiarize them with the test formats, which boost learners’ confidence in taking their real tests.

Program levels

Test Preparation

Class Schedules

Class Location Start date Schedule Duration Registration
Young DTP 148-150 Nguyễn Đình Chính, Q. Phú Nhuận Mar. 27, 2018 T3 – T5 – T7 5:30 pm